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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introducing Butch "the Bean" Rearick!

Can I just say, WHEW!!! I can finally breathe a little easier. I am exactly 5wk4days, and Butch the Bean is measuring a healthy 5wk5days. It is still so early that we couldn't HEAR the heartbeat, but we could SEE it--steadily pumping away. I'll have another u/s in 10 days and my RE said we'll definitely be able to hear something then.

He also reassured me that even at this early date, my chances of a miscarriage have declined to less than 10%, and after 10 more days, they'll be below 5%.

Needless to say, Billy and I are suddenly feeling a lot better about things. Now, as if you can actually see ANYTHING in these pictures, here is Butch:

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Gretchen said...

Yah sooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!