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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curses! Foiled again!

For those of you who have been following our continuing saga of infertility...our most recent cycle was cancelled on Monday. This is our second cancellation since October (the FOURTH time over the past few years of dealing with this), so I'm getting used to it. The lagging follicles did grow quite a bit, but so did the three big ones--so much so that Dr. Dunn advised not trying to do a retrieval of so few mature eggs. Back in October/November, we got cancelled because my body would not respond to the suppression drugs, no matter what they tried; this time, they obviously suppressed me TOO much. The bottom line is, it's a no go this month. Dr. Dunn wants to try again next month using a completely different protocol.

HOWEVER, there is GOOD NEWS: Dr. Dunn and his staff are phenomenal, and he has declared our situation to be a personal challenge for him. He feels like because he helped us before to conceive Max that he can definitely do it again. I told him that was great, but we are tapped out financially; $3000 to $4000 more for new drugs is simply out of the question (we have no insurance for infertility treatments). He told me not to worry--he will get his nurses working on it, and they will make sure we get enough donated meds to try at least one more time. He told me he already has enough Lupron and at least two 900 iu cartridges of Follistim for me (almost $1500 worth of free meds right there!!!), and by the time I'm ready to start again, they can probably have it all covered for us. God bless 'em!

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